1. That thing has been out of the factory for like ten minutes and they already have to wash it.

  2. That must be the elusive “Special Edition” Ducati, complete with penis holster and all…

  3. More like ‘Zombies on Ducatis’, amirite?

  4. If this was “Hotties On Ducatis”, shouldn’t there have been someone hired specifically to keep her off of one?

  5. Mohawk Disco

    The guy looks like a girl. Janice like a tranny and the chick on the right could block a water main with her face. All we need is Travolta and it’s a weirdo flush.

    • donkeylicks

      To be fair you do have one of the Hansen brothers, while he’s clearly no Travolta sometimes you have to take what you can get.

  6. cc

    Burn that seat.

  7. 60yrOldModelHater

    The second shot was from the “Human Potties on Ducatis” shoot, an hour later…

  8. seriouslynow

    Ducati will never be able to sell that thing now that Steven Tyler’s ass has been on it.

  9. and now it’s a fire-crotch rocket!

  10. bbiowa

    There’s probably an equivalent amount of plastic in both.

  11. Urvag

    Holy freakshow!

  12. Are they remaking Twisted Sister now?

  13. Why is the kid from Hanson in the background?

  14. It looks like the chick on the right has eye balls drawn on closed eyelids…

  15. Turd Ferguson

    Someone crashed this party.

  16. The dude is the most attractive woman in this photo.

  17. Jade

    The tranny is not convincing.

  18. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Janice Dickinson is an Asian man in drag now???

  19. 60yrOldModelHater

    I finally figured it out, this is the new Aerosmith Album cover.
    Wow, Tyler has better legs than I imagined.

    What a waste of a good Ducati, it will never be clean again…

  20. Idiot Abroad

    I guess that creepy ass Grim Reaper’s pissed off cuz she drew the short straw and has to wipe down that seat with kerosene.

  21. Steven Tyler should brush his hair and show the stems more often. Dude makes a better lady.

  22. qwerty

    The two pictures so far haven’t lived up to the title ‘hotties on ducati’. Far from hotties.

  23. dude

    and this my friends, is why you never buy a used motorcycle.

  24. “See kids you should always wear a helmet on one of these babies – otherwise if you sail off and do a face plant like I did….”

  25. It’s the duck-faced platypus.

  26. LLBL

    Cunt Dykes on Stunt Bikes

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    A demon masquerading as an angel, a homosexual masquerading as a heterosexual, and death masquerading as a used up ex-supermodel. Everything about this picture is fraudulent.

  28. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Wow!! Steven Tyler has got some GAMS!

  29. Alexxx

    Resident Evil 7: DUCATICUS

  30. savedatwins

    The valet is thinking “F me where did she put the keys”
    The “model” is thinking “”500 bucks for 3 hours and it’s already on hour 5″
    Janice dickinson is thinking that mr. jay, ms. jay and legendary fashion photographer are there and by extension “eat your heart out tyra”

  31. Isn’t there enough leather on the seat already?

  32. If they had know Janice Dickinson would be climbing on board they would have called it “Dead Bodies on Ducatis.”

  33. Joe Blow

    Hotties? I wonder how much she paid to be “invited” to the event?

  34. Well, they got it half right at least.

  35. AnnaD.

    The picture doesn’t even need a caption to be freakin’ hilarious

  36. UJ

    Ducks on Ducs?

  37. So where are the hotties? I can only see the dukatis…

  38. Janice dear, the sign said ‘HOTTIES On Ducatis’ , not “POTTIES on Ducatis”

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