1. dontkillthemessenger

    It’s pronounced “De Ole Ho”.

  2. cagster

    Is she about to puke or piss herself?

  3. Kreskin

    Something tells me she is going commando. Just a feeling.

  4. bbiowa

    Who and why?

  5. wanker

    It’s always kind of sad when the John won’t pay for the cab fare home.

  6. Animal

    I’d do crazy, nasty things to this old broad. … And then make her pay me.

  7. Turd Ferguson


  8. she’s channeling Paz De la Huerta, who…I dunno…died I assume.

  9. mamamiasweetpeaches


    (seriously, though, I have NO idea who this is)

  10. Did You Know? Dell’Olio literally translates to, “of the oil.”

  11. faux or real that coat/cape thing makes me want to kill her and bury her in it.

  12. Josie

    eek! who is that?!

  13. Idiot Abroad

    I’m not familiar with this particular train wreck.

  14. theoriginal LJ

    Tara tol’ me to meet her here….TAARRRAA!!!!!!!
    Where the fuck is that bitch… she fucking some guy in the Men’s room again?

  15. “I coulda been a contenduh!”

  16. mean_gurl

    Jwoww cleans up good.

  17. Matt

    Check the one in the background. We got legs, ass and tits all in one picture. This photographer is a genius.

  18. scotta

    So this is where Courtney Stodden’s old face went.

  19. Not familiar with this woman, but I gotta wonder if maybe once upon a time she was pretty much close to almost damn near attractive.

  20. Duke

    Jwoww is looking pretty young these days.

  21. napoupi

    Kim K., circa 2032.

  22. UJ

    This pretty much says it all. From

    Annunziata Dell’Olio (born 1961), better known as Nancy Dell’Olio, is an Italian-American lawyer who first came to public notice as the girlfriend of Sven-Göran Eriksson, then manager of the England national football team.

    Wikipedia could save some $ and quit bugging me to donate by just paraphrasing “Whore”.

  23. Timothy

    “They don’t know who I am either!”
    “Who doesn’t?”

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