1. dontkillthemessenger

    Beverly Hills’ soup kitchens are fancy.

  2. I wonder why he’s wearing a cross?

  3. Wait a minute…. is that a cross around the neck of the man who played “Hannukah Harry”?

  4. Relax, guys, it’s just his toothpick.

  5. Animal

    He’s being prepped for a lobotomy.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    “I got this cross from my wife. Morgan Fairchild. Whom I’ve slept with.”

  7. “It’s called ACTING!”

  8. The one perk of being the ugly guy – you keep looking mostly the same as you did in the eighties, while Jim Belushi and Andy Garcia now look like you.

  9. Tidbit

    Bloated? No, I was merely ACTING!

  10. Waiter: “Mr. Ratcliffe, did you enjoy your meal?”
    Lovitz: “Lovitz! LOVITZ!”
    Waiter: “I’ll bring you seconds then.”

  11. EricLR

    If you piss him off, he turns into David Banner.

  12. Anthony

    Someone just asked him how Phil Hartman was doing.

  13. “C’mon you punks I need table service! Some kind of Early Bird this turned out to be…”

  14. He looks happier than i remember him

  15. I read every comment in his voice, quotations or not.

  16. “Hey honey, are you sure I should wear this bright lime green T-shirt? I’ve packed on a few pounds.”

    “Dahling, you look mahvelous. You are the inimitable Jon Lovitz. Everyone loves you!”

  17. contusion

    “Fine, fine…if I say it will you just leave me alone? Yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s the fucking ticket alright. Okay, now scram.”

  18. Biff

    Earlobes slowly being absorbed into his neck…

  19. UJ


  20. Ruckus

    Hmmmm… And I will have an egg yellow omelette.

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