1. Well, I think we found the one straight guy on the set…

  2. That gay guy finally saw her shoes.

  3. Aww, c’mon, chubby girls need love too!

  4. me

    ohh i`m so cold, but somehow not enough to make me me wanna wear pants

  5. cc

    I had that happen a lot in high school.

  6. “I’m sure it’s a well respected show, and I bet you’re just great in whatever role they have you in, but for this part, when this guy unzips his pants, you spread your legs. Got it? AND QUIT CRYING! Now, let’s try this again…ACTION!”

  7. tlmck

    George Lopez is a camera man now?

  8. two hands on the shlong, one heading for nip

  9. EricLR

    Very progressive of them to hire a dude with cerebral palsy as a cameraman. Should make for some interesting cinematography.

  10. Idiot Abroad

    Do they not allow bathroom breaks? They both look like they’re about to piss themselves.

  11. Chimpout2012

    I despise tattoos, particularly on ankles and feet…but this woman is hot. I would completely wreck that on a regular basis until I grew tired of her “singing ability”.

  12. She’s very cute in a “thank god she moved to the other side of town” way…

  13. Rosie the Riveting

    Me, personally, where I am coming from, I would never want to ability to shrink every penis in the room into non existence by just being there. It just seems counter-productive. But hey, what ever floats her boat.

  14. UJ

    When an irresistible transvestite meets and immovable testicular cancer.

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