1. Getting a gay vibe here.

  2. B&WMinstrel

    We Made This Movie. Yes We Diddily Did.

  3. seriouslynow


  4. wanker

    Tom Selleck looks terrific.

  5. Chachicubra

    And is the movie you made called “The Adventures of Young Commissioner Gordon”?

  6. Turd Ferguson

    Nice disguise.

  7. that is an awesome Geraldo/Queen/Selleck/Porn mustache.

  8. cc

    Apparently there’s something much more interesting than he is going on high up over his left shoulder. Perhaps a flickering light bulb.

  9. EricLR

    Is he playing Geraldo Rivera in the movie?

  10. Doctor_Joystick

    So I guess the Ned Flanders role for the live action Simpson’s movie is filled.

  11. Gabe Kaplan

    “Howdy Do neighbor!”

    “Shut up Flanders”

    “Okley Dokley”

  12. Lord Invader

    Witness the pleasure and anticipation of jamming a lollipop up your ass. Not for me, but who am I to judge?

  13. contusion

    He’ll always be Ed to me. Hope that mustache helps you finally win over Carol Vessey.

  14. proudest Family Watchdog pic I’ve seen

  15. Allion

    A creepy clown smile.

  16. anyone here remember Ed? Fine Corinthian Turkeys, anyone?

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