1. Wow, I now find her to be a totally credible musician.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Smells like a swift drop in hotness.

  3. bbiowa

    Suddenly I notice a prominent chin. Who knew?

  4. seriouslynow

    Gerard Pique’s gone and knocked the bitch up.

  5. I’m guessing her days of midriff baring belly dancing are over…nobody wants to see that post pregnancy.

  6. HollywoodOutsider

    Baby bumps don’t lie.

  7. A Nirvana fan? As if I needed more reasons to love you.

  8. karmaB

    It remains to be seen if after birth she will retain her sexy belly or go by way of Shania Twain which we never saw again after her son was born. Only time will tell.

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