1. caley

    [OFF-CAMERA] “Who wants some oats and a mane-brushing?”

  2. Frau Bl├╝cher!!
    (cut to pic-)

  3. Hugh Jass

    When you’re getting liver spots on your chest, it’s time to cover up.

  4. howie feltersnatch

    someone swipped her feed bucket?

  5. “It is NOT time for the glue factory!!”

  6. Brit

    The look of shock when someone in the crowd holds out a sugar cube, then snatches it away at the last minute

  7. Inner Retard

    She must be getting tired of the horse jokes too. Hence the look accented by diamond laced brass knuckles.

    • I'mCool

      They improvised and slipped those on her right front hoof after she broke into a gallop and threw a shoe.

  8. Doctor_Joystick

    She must have just heard thunder…they always get spooked when they hear thunder.

  9. ruckus

    Indy said NOT to look at the Ark!

  10. Keep the horse jokes coming? Bahahahahaha!

  11. Hugh Jass

    For fans of ’60′s television:

    I am Mister Ed.

  12. fred

    I don’t understand why anyone would say anything about her other than she is a rare and genuine beauty. She is absolutely glowing in this picture.

  13. It’s one thing to be a horse, but to also have a Halloween novelty claw for an arm is kind of a bummer.

  14. Little Tongue

    What’s that, in her mouth?

    a. chewing gum
    b. a partly dissolved sugar cube
    c. her long lost chin mole

  15. cc

    She looks knackered.

  16. You know guys, we really should stop saddling her with all these cheap insults.

  17. crb

    She must have just woken up from a nightmare!

  18. crb

    I don’t care how playful the outfit she puts on, she’s definitely not young anymore.

    No foal-ing around! -BAM!

  19. crb

    Canter this old bitch just stay the f**k away from photographers, please?

  20. crb

    Close your mouth dear, your cud is showing.

  21. crb

    She’s not going to whinny any beauty contests with a face like that.

  22. crb

    She’s so ugly, she mustang out with Rebel Wilson and that other Australian aircraft-carrier, Ajay Rochester to make herself feel pretty again.

  23. I just feel like a couple of burgers, a ton of moisturizer and some flattering make-up would do her the world of good.

  24. crb


  25. Fingerfod

    No flash photography, please. Horses are easily spooked.

  26. crb

    “WAIT, WHAT?!! Hold that sugarcube. You say you’ve found ‘The Big Apple’? I’ve been searching for it ever since I first moved here as a filly. Normally, you only find the small ones around October.

    -Well Lead On, Scout! Can’t you see I’m starving! -’Big Apple’, HERE WE COME! Yummeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

  27. What is it girl??? A fire at the old mill?!!!

  28. whatever

    never mind her face, look at those HANDS

  29. lawn

    She just makes herself such an easy target.

  30. martina

    Kids, this is why you should never play with plastic surgery

  31. Looks like somebody left the stable door open again.

  32. “Feedbag! NOW!!”

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