1. JC

    “HA HA HA [in a whisper] please I beg of you, stop showing my wife when she was still attractive it hurts so much [normal voice] HA HA HA!”

  2. Being interviewed by Mexican Martin Short?

  3. fred

    “After 15 hours of makeup and 4 hours of photoshop-that is hilarious! Hahahahaha, I have tears, that is so funny.

    But seriously, is this bitch ever going to die? She is killing me.”

  4. “Help me! Making love to my wife is like humping a fruit roll up! *cries*

  5. Hank E. Ring

    These hands feel like my wife’s.

  6. “Hahaha, I cant believe you married her! Hahaha!”
    “Hahaha,Ii only did it for her money! HAHAHAHAHA!”

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