1. JC

    Covering yourself with spiky clothing won’t stop me, Natalie. I’ll work through that pain.

  2. Am I the only one who imagines small centipedes carrying him under his shows?

  3. The luckiest motherfucker on Earth. Look at him. There’s no way he’s supposed to be pulling that level of trim.

  4. “This is not the Human Centipede parody XXX.”

  5. Cock Dr

    I’m just gonna concentrate on her because his smug face pisses me off.
    You may dance well Mr Frenchman but that alone doesn’t make you worthy of one of our beloved Hollywood princesses.

  6. fred

    Obviously a big UCLA fan.

  7. crb

    “Natahleee, waht ‘appened too owwerrr relashioncheep? -Ees like yoo don’ eevenn Seee me no morr… No. Seriously. LooOk, beetch! I yamm rite focking HEARR!”

  8. martina

    She’s beautiful

  9. Wow, she looks gorgeous. I always hated him, I hate him 10 times more now.

  10. She’s incredible.

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