1. Somewhere, a skydiver is gonna have a bad day.

  2. howie feltersnatch

    you can almost see Homer Simpsons face

  3. She’s smiling because she’s been waiting her entire life to be able to wear a mumu without being called fat.

  4. Move over Jessica Simpson! No really, move over, the two of you cannot fit down the same side of the street.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Completely ruined.

  6. Kodos

    I’m thinkin’ “Prometheus”.

  7. They’re remaking Beethoven now?

  8. ruckus

    Jennifer Love Hotdogs.

  9. She only got pregnant to remain relevant.
    Oh, and she was already fat so why not, right?

  10. Josephus

    It looks like they put a sheet over one of those Easter Island statues.

  11. Hugh Jass

    Kris Jenner didn’t show that much when she carried Khloe.

  12. fred

    Yeah, I know she is pregnant, but the calf to belly ratio is still way too high. Beware of any chick who adds “pregnancy” weight to her shins.

  13. You could turn that dress upside down, sew the top shut, hang a basket off the straps and fly it across the Atlantic.

  14. crb

    I swear to God after this baby’s done with her, she will look worse than Kathleen Turner after eating an entire Delta Burke.

    -Especially in the vagina.


  16. Her stomach looks like the face of the Deku Tree in the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  17. blerg

    I totally wanna see that hairy vagina right after the baby comes out. Fish, get some pap to do the birth…

  18. Cock Dr

    Focus on her glowing smiling triumphant face….don’t look at what’s going on down below.

  19. Fingergod

    Am I the only one who see the puppy dog face on her chest?

  20. martina

    Have they determined who the father is yet?
    Bruce Jenner?
    Bruce Willis?
    Don Johnson?
    Warren Beatty?
    Jack Nicholson?

  21. My penis is so confused by that picture.

  22. tlmck

    I understand the whole carrying the baby high or low thing, but what does it mean if she is carring it under her left tit?

  23. Jenn

    WTF. It’s a big white sheet. It’s like some sort of Klan maternity dress.

  24. Her tits and stomach look like the humanoid alien’s face in Prometheus.

  25. Lily

    Cruel, cruel gravity.

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