1. I’d plow into that…

  2. Butt Plugger

    That’s a nice piece of Jewish ass right there!

  3. Too bad it came out of something that Gene Simmons penis touched.

  4. From their TV show, I remember the boobs being fantastic.

  5. Pickle Nose

    Lorenzo Lamas is currently on a flight to Maui. His wife has been served with divorce papers.

  6. “God of Thunder”…..thighs

  7. Ass like a sack of wet laundry.

  8. Now only if she had Gene’s tongue to go with Shannon Tweed’s ass she’d be perfect.

  9. This is the weight that most women her size do anal.

    They put on 15, 20 pounds, hate themselves, then try desperately to please you if you sleep with them, even if it means giving up the balloon knot. Pathetic, YET TRUE!

  10. Are you sure this isn’t another one of Russell Simmons’ kids?

  11. The Pope

    Too much Simmons. Not enough Tweed.

  12. TechNut

    At first I was like, “yummy!”, then I thought “hmmm” and now I think “not so much.”

  13. bernard

    oooooh yeah!

  14. Cock Dr

    Built for comfort not for speed.

  15. Caroline


  16. Is she pregnant? Just imagine the odor that swimming suit bottom is gonna have after she peels it out of the crack of that fat sloppy ass…

  17. RustyTrombone

    Wholly fat ass batman!
    I’d slap that ass then ride the wave in to her danger zone.

  18. amir

    The ass isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that she has no waist. her hips run straight to her ribcage… unfortunately dumpy.

  19. Madonna's Testicles

    Gene plowed his daughters ass for sure. While mommy and that dufus son of his was sleeping.

  20. juanhunglow

    wonder if he has a pair of her panties in his famed panty room


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