1. teddy

    What we missed at 10am? weak fish, very weak…

  2. mellowyellone

    her face looks like shit

  3. It’s impossible for her to look bad.

  4. er

    Adriana lima >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Miranda Kerrdashian

    • Yeah like ‘Master of Puppets’ is better than ‘And Justice For All.’

      You’re just splitting hairs.

    • Adriana Lima is hotter than everyone in the history of mankind. It isn’t fair to compare her to anyone.

      But don’t lump Miranda Kerr in with a Kuntdashian please, that’s just insulting.

  5. Mike

    That witch nose of her ruins my boners..

  6. Inner Retard

    Remember De Niro’s “I’m watching you” look from Meet the Parents… I’m doing that with her cleavage right now.

  7. Emma Watson's Vagina

    nice. but still have visions of Avril. so she seems like a dog now.

  8. “You did what now…Biting social commentary rolled into a not-so-exhaustive review of the most hyped video game of the last 4 years? Come hither, penis joke blogger”

  9. The Pope

    In a matter of moments, her transformation into Brooke Shields will be complete.

  10. I love her so much.

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