1. It’s really nice to see a celebrity willing to share their secret to stardom…

  2. I stink

    this is what the anerexic Adele would look like.

  3. Satan's bitch


  4. TomFrank

    Why do I think that her eye make-up was Marilyn Manson’s inspiration to slice an eyeball in his video?

  5. Bonky

    “All the way in. No gagging. Seriously. I would do it for you right now but I got this photo thing to do.

  6. Johnny P!

    “… and when the movie galas are really boring (helllooo subtitles?) I draw pupils on my eyelids so I can nap during them. Any other questions?”

  7. FussyHussy

    Honey, the sharpies are for signing autographs, not for your lining your eyeballs.

  8. Venom

    Love the expression on her face after the bodyguard just got finished jamming his thumb up her bum.

  9. The Brown Streak

    Damn, Chris Brown got the double whammy.

  10. Clown Shoes

    “This is my O-face. “Oh… Oh… Oh!” You know what I’m talkin’ about. “Oh!”

  11. TomFilby

    “You’re a McDonald, not a whore.”

  12. rough hurts

    We know it’s beneath you, to take part in a Born Villain video, Rachel. Take it easy.

  13. zomgbie

    evan rachel wood being very unoriginal and assuming the pose made famous by kim kardashian.

  14. “This tumor shaped like a passerby simply grew out of my right shoulder and now I’m on my way to get it removed.”

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