1. I guess “Rihanna” would have cost too much at the mall kiosk.

  2. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Who says there’s no truth in advertising?

  3. So sweet that Chris Brown still buys her jewelry.

  4. Wow

    That is one classy chick right there. Does she have any self respect? What a great message to send to her female fans.

    • Jo

      She is a slutty piece of filth. Disgusting – and before people slate me I am broad minded having lived a wild life – and do you know what? I would STILL not have worn that piece of filth inside or outside a church. She’s vile.

  5. it had to be said

    Know thyself.

  6. a short haired girl

    i’d totally get a necklace like that. cunt is my favorite curse word. so fun to say.

  7. wildfungus

    I’ve never understood these paintings of sad clowns or mexican children. Which one is even supposed to be.?

  8. She needs one with arrows pointing up and the word “toilet”.

  9. chikaty

    you would think that should be on a low-hanging belly-chain rather than a necklace, misplaced labels are always frustrating.

  10. DeucePickle

    This is what dudes in Barbados throw at girls from balconies when they bend over and flash their asses
    Like Mardi Gras only different.

  11. fcslboy

    That is one ugly, droopy eyed cunt.

  12. I think she’s tired

  13. GuyLeDouche

    Does she wear one round the back that says “”arse” (being from the Caribbean she uses the Brit form of the word)?

  14. skuddles

    Aww look, she’s feeling sentimental – had a necklace done up with Chris Brown’s pet name for her…

    Seriously bitch, get a clue. One thing to say the c word in a moment of anger or whatever… entirely different thing to literally label yourself a cunt – because what, you think it’s edgy, cool?? You need a new necklace that reads “clueless bitch”.

  15. Venom

    Cunt, it’s what’s for dinner.

  16. I don’t care what you say, Sideshow Bob can toss my salad any day.

  17. sc4play

    Isn’t her fifteen minutes up yet, already??

  18. cutthecrap

    at least she knows what the rest of the world thinks of her

  19. fap

    Wonder who made her wear that. Owned.

  20. guestspeaker

    Not only did Chris Brown beat her face to a pulp, but he also did some damage to her self esteem

    silly girl immature girl playing at being grownup

  21. ChickenHawk

    “Bart Simpson must die!! I will avenge my father!!”

  22. Ego, the living planet

    Ice-T looks cute here.

  23. scott

    that is one classy nappy headed ho!

  24. farting old man's wife

    I think the necklace says it all!!

  25. Problem?

    Alright, we get it- you’re rebellious and bad. Except you really aren’t.

  26. If she had any class at all, her necklace would say “vagina.”

  27. Freddo

    She’s just all kinds of classy.

  28. Wait, it has a lower half we can’t see, it sayS “AMINAYSHUN MUST B STOPD”.
    It’s an environmentalist necklace, y’all.

  29. Mama Pinkus

    this gal is truly pathetic

  30. Gerbil in my Butt

    That is one classy lady!!

  31. anonymoose

    edgy? no.
    stupid? yes.
    classy? not even close.
    talented? hardly!
    sad clownish low-self-esteemed clueless twit? bingo.

  32. bravo51

    yes she really is a sad sad sad cunt

  33. lexi

    You guys are so stupid. if She wants to wear it, let her wear it. Do you think you talkin shit About her is stoppin her from doin her? didnt think so. #getalifebitches

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