1. bday55

    nice bum

  2. I stink

    how incredibly average.

  3. Colin

    Where did that come from? Most of the pics I’ve seen have been like pancakes. And not even delicious pancakes. Bran pancakes.

  4. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Those jeans make it look like she actually has an ass. Definitely worth the 500 quid she spent on them.

  5. Bonky


    Maybe we should try to have a telethon to raise money for a butt implant for Pippa.

  6. I was just downtown SF. The 9 out of 10 women downtown (yes the real ones for all of you who have their cross dresser/gay jokes .txt file open) are hotter than her. Seriously.

  7. Shirley

    As much as this chick is in the news, I see nothing of interest, sex appeal, or beauty. What do you guys see that I dont?

  8. The Old Man

    Who do we have to blow to get you guys to stop running pics of this complete unremarkable woman?

  9. Venom

    I see she visited Kim’s doctor for a re-up since yesterday.

  10. edamame

    For crying out loud, Camilla…heels and cargo pants do not go together.

  11. lori

    Plain Jane. Terrible dresser.

  12. The Brown Streak

    I still don’t know what her face looks like.

  13. cutthecrap

    can somebody please show this ass-less twit how to dress? Shit

  14. De Vo

    Her ass has went from making “it move” to at least half stock . She must have put down the crumpets and grabbed some ribs.

  15. guestspeaker

    so there is an ass afterall… i thought it was all media hype

  16. Finally! Proof that Pippa has an ass!

  17. rough hurts

    “Yes me lady! Indeed, there are frogs that pass through here every half hour.”

  18. DogBoy

    everyone has one. for pooping. meh.

  19. Dan's friend

    *tucking bib into collar*

  20. Her: “Seventy-five quid.”
    Him: “Ridiculous. Forty-five.”
    Her: “Do you know who I am? Seventy quid.”
    Him: “I don’t give two shits who you are. Fifty quid.”
    Her: “You bloody tight-arse. Sixty-five and no less.”
    Him: “You must be daft…Not a penny over…”

  21. PS: Almost forgot. I think her ass and legs look splendid!

  22. Uncle Albino Washandwear looks like every horrible Euro stereotype ever.

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