1. What the f*** do you mean “Ricky”??? I’m the Fez bitch…

  2. Poncherello looks pissed.

  3. TomFrank

    “Is that Lindsay? Eesh. Do not want.”

  4. mcdoubler

    I said….
    *shades on*
    good day

  5. Venom

    “Perhaps if I start looking more like Ricky Martin, more men will want to date me”

  6. um ok

    he has been at Lindsay’s, der. Look at the coke on his shoulder.

  7. snack pack

    No, Ricky! I am el Asso Bandito!

  8. Still a little PO’ed about those Laura Prepon pictures…

  9. rough hurts

    Oh shit! God help the Disney star across the street.

  10. DogBoy

    Middle School’s just let out? where?

  11. chupacabra


  12. “NOW can you tell I’m really Superman?”

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