1. Colin

    Ricky Martin in Ur-a-gay.

  2. McDouchey

    He looked a lot straighter before He came out.

  3. Special Anal Envoy to Uruguay, Ricardo Martin.

  4. Elle

    You can put away the fake smile Ricky, you’re not pretending to be straight anymore.

  5. His favorite planet is Uranus.

  6. DeucePickle

    Not the reaction most men have when told they have been selected to judge all the Miss America contestants

  7. Alex

    That’s the expression of a man with a dick up his ass.

  8. wjaneala

    Damn pubic hair! Can’t get it out of my teeth!

  9. Venom

    Cunt, it’s not what’s for dinner…

  10. The Brown Streak

    Hey yo…Where’s Kevin Nash?

  11. snack pack

    Si. Yo estoy el “Asso Bandito.”

  12. “Please, Mr. Gerber. Put that little pistol back in your pants. It’s not nearly big enough for my ass.”

  13. Nick

    What a narcissistic egotistical fudge packer. No, No, he’s in a factory packing fudge! (Thank you South Park)

  14. chupacabra


  15. farting old man's wife

    You never see him beating on women or with a limp wrist!!!

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