1. People have some wierd tastes…i think shes nasty…

  2. Cock Dr

    Nice hair & makeup, but IMO she totally lacks the “wow” factor.

  3. This picture is definitely better viewed above the fold.

  4. TurkusMaximus

    bangs don’t work for her.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Neck up… no.

    Neck down… yes.

  6. This Logan’s Run remake looks good so far…

  7. Colin

    Does she have a glass eye or something? ‘Cuz her face always looks… unnatural.

  8. Roughliness is next to godliness

    Thank you, miss Wilde. I have manners.

  9. GuyLeDouche

    She needs to hold those glasses higher up if she wants people to think she has tits.

  10. Jack Slater

    I still don’t get it why people think she’s pretty. She’s weird at best.

  11. cc

    A jumpsuit? Please don’t tell me the 70s are coming back.

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