1. Fletch

    Making a note of the title so I can miss the movie.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She distracts ‘em. He whacks ‘em. Together they’re… CrackShot!

  3. Creep

    mom jeans

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Doesn’t look much different than her interactions with paparazzi.

  5. Sucks to be out of ammo dude….seeya!

  6. Gordon GEICO

    Where is Glascow?

  7. Roughliness is next to godliness

    Damn I guess she really want custody.

  8. TomFrank

    I really don’t think “The Rich Man’s Wife” deserved to have a sequel.

  9. Mwaddams


  10. Some Guy

    Usually this is the other way around; the black person has the gun and some white person freaking the hell out

  11. GuyLeDouche

    So what’s her character’s name? Spleenette? I wonder who’s pulling her finger while she takes aim?

  12. cc

    Shouldn’t that guy be reloading?

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