1. pamela anderson..morphing into frankenstein??

  2. Cock Dr

    Poor Pam is broke and has to hustle her meal money just like any other stripper. It’s a shame.

  3. It’s over and has been over for quite a while.

  4. it’s beginning to smell like camphor in here

  5. georgiagirl

    “I may love PETA but I’ll be damned if I’m giving up my pleather, cheetah print, glitter dress!”

  6. LJ

    A drunk and his photoshop? Or a tip to the funhouse photo lense.

  7. Okay, which one of you skanks contacted the Make-a-Wish foundation about meeting your hero?

  8. MisterSuccint

    I’m guessing she’s not the “Spearmint” at this establishment?

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The reality distortion field is breaking down!

  10. RHawk

    There is not enough gin and bad lighting in London to make that look hot.

  11. RuPaul keeps looking whiter and whiter.

  12. I wonder what it’s like to be dancing next to chicks young enough to be your granddaughter…and know everyone is laughing at you.

  13. Maybe the beluga will have room for her, after eating Beiber.

  14. hmna

    When did she get a five head?

  15. celebutard

    Well, it looks like the jaundice part of her Hep C has finally kicked in.

  16. Frank The Duck

    One of the few examples where Tequilla will not turn a 2 into a 10 at Last Call…

  17. CranAppleSnapple

    Can someone help these celebutards kick the habit of wearing that dusty corpse shade of lipstick? It looks godawful on every last one of them.

  18. Nug


  19. Johnny P!

    Whore-hair… I swear it takes years off ya!

  20. Johnny P!

    Miss Anderson poses for the cameras moments before the IMAX 3-D version of her sex tape is projected on her forehead.

  21. tlmck

    Proof that plastic parts do wear out.

  22. puddleduck

    I expect to see Pam next at the local county fair beside the two headed snake.

  23. dekansnowman

    Life size doll of Bride of Chucky

  24. chikaty

    Her picture needs to be shown to Heidi so she knows what she will be looking like soon

  25. eab74

    Wow, so that’s what Hepatitis C looks like.. Safe sex promo anyone?

  26. Jack Slater

    Remember when she used to be hot? Neither do I.

  27. Dr Ha-Ha

    Someone’s crew is looking rather motley these days.

  28. cc

    That dress would make a hell of a salmon lure.

  29. That dress reminds me of this little dude..

    And ffs she really needs to stop dressing that way.

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