1. Jill

    She looks like she’s rehearsing for her new role as Mr. F

  2. A muffin top and a pack of Marlboro Lights… every man’s dream.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Maybe I just need a cigarette badly, but I would totally hit that.

  4. RHawk

    “Be verrrry quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.”

  5. I know what her finger doesn’t smell like. Ethan Hawke.

  6. wow, that’s one classy chick.

    Not Uma, the chick in the Star Wars shirt. Uma is a sack of sad.

    • TomFrank

      I think that’s a dude. It *could* be a short-haired, flat-chested woman, but…I’m going to say that’s a dude.

  7. Urbanspaceman

    Every year at this time I remember seeing Uma in her greatest role: “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” at the Toronto Film Festival in 1993.

  8. Weaselmouse

    I love this.

  9. Unholy krep

    And at long last, the oft rumored yet never seen retarded Von Trapp daughter emerges from hiding.

    She is six stone, going on seven stone…

  10. CranAppleSnapple

    Jesus! Well, now I’m sufficiently grossed out that my lunch is going back in the fridge.

  11. Johnny P!

    Tilda Swinton seen snacking on a seed and a mini decaf espresso at TIFF.

  12. chikaty

    why does she tuck things into her pants and bra when she clearly is wearing a backpack?

  13. Heywood Jablowme

    Nice Gunt.

  14. GuyLeDouche

    Menopause just hit her like a Peterbilt, didn’t it?

  15. Dr Ha-Ha

    Ethan clearly got out at the right time; he must do well on the stock market.

    • MJB

      I’ve seen Ethan Hawke plenty of times on the streets of Manhattan. He looks like a 55 year old homeless crackhead. Uma may not have a tight, toned body but she looks clean and presentable. She wins.

  16. cc

    She dug into her Run DMC memorabilia to find that hat.

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