1. I see she got her penis pierced.

  2. Buddy the Elf

    How can she go from ‘Scud Missile Tits’ one day to’ barely there’ the next?

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Butter face

  4. White hot

    mad overrated yo

    • lily

      agreed. atleast she used to be hott…these days she looks frumpy and 10 pounds over weight….she peaked at age 20.

  5. SSHGuru

    She’s get more attention with a bag over her face and no clothes.

  6. she needs a JammyPack

  7. RHawk

    Let’s see, baseball cap, dark glasses, tits smashed flat, looks kind of like a young boy – Is she sneaking out to see Tom Cruise behind Katie’s back?

  8. Quijibo

    I’d fuck her right in the fannypack.

  9. That’s the most rugged tampon string I ever saw…does REI sell those?

  10. CranAppleSnapple

    Where are her norgs?

  11. BenDoverman

    All that money and she uses shitty ipod earphones. Get at least Shure SE535 or Westone 4 you stupid sodding cunt. And would it hurt you to get a decent MP3 player, at least a Cowon D3 plenue or J3. Jeez!

  12. Dr Ha-Ha

    I’d tap that…. apple out of her hand and taste it.

  13. cc

    No stars required here.

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