1. DogBoy

    Whoever does her makeup for other photo shoots should be given an Oscar for Best Special Effects.

  2. Man, not for anything,but she makes Hillary Swank look pretty.

  3. Somewhere Derek Jeter just got the sudden, uncontrollable urge to crash the Dancing With The Stars set.

  4. g-moonie

    Jesus, start associating yourself with ANYTHING Cincinnati and it just goes down hill from there.

  5. MisterSuccint

    Chronic case of Tara Tummy.

  6. her stomach is eating itself!! get that girl a burger

  7. The Pope

    What turned Clooney off more: the fact that she’s got abs that she can crack walnuts with, or that she has Scott Glenn’s face?

  8. RHawk

    “Oh crap they caught me throwing up lunch behind the car. Think fast. I know, I’ll smile like a cross eyed idiot. That always works.”

  9. hbw

    “Honey, I need to get in the car before we can discuss price”

  10. Dayshift Crackwhore is going to be an awesome reality TV show.

  11. I always thought that they only plasticized bodies after death.

  12. Cam

    Why is she wearing Aubrey O’Day’s vagina on her stomach?

  13. Unholy krep

    She’s a real wild one wild one, definitely got a lust for life.

    I wanna be her dog.

    And feed her Candy.

  14. dontlooknow

    Ewww – didn’t she used to be hot? Clooney really wrecks ‘em.

  15. Venom

    She looks like she is auditioning to be A Rod’s next girlfriend.

  16. Serves her right for taking plastic surgery referrals from Tara Reid.

  17. Jack Slater

    Is this a guy?

  18. cc

    Now I get it…George Clooney fucks the hot right out of them, then leaves.

  19. KC

    Bulimia with the Stars!

  20. She needs ironed!

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