1. Nonny Moose

    Still wondering how you had any kind of career after Zombie Nightmare…

  2. Hank E. Ring

    Waynes World, she was hot then.

  3. time is a cruel motherfucker.

  4. Certainly is a plain sight.

  5. This lupus “celebrity” poker tournament had Verne Troyer AND Tia Carrera? If you have lupus, get used to it. Ain’t no cure coming soon. . .

  6. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Oh so she has become one of those poker celebrities then? Looks like that Playboy spread didn’t resurrect her career after all.

  7. tlmck

    Still remember her 19 year old self on the A-Team.

  8. Still pretty good. A far cry from what she used to be, but still damn good.

  9. Suckit Trebek

    No schwing :(

  10. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal


  11. contusion

    Camera one. Camera two. Camera one…okay, enough with camera one.

  12. Plain sight, indeed.

  13. Josie


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