1. I believe this is what the internet refers to as, “Art”.

  2. EricLR

    I’ll take them. But can I get them wormed and vaccinated first?

  3. cc

    Where’s the kiddie pool filled with baby oil?

  4. anonymous

    This is what the Kardashians think they look like.

  5. Trek Girl

    The tattoos are ridiculous.

  6. Brazil is ass heaven.

  7. Wonder how many fucktards are going to regret those stupid fucking tattoos with writing on their sides years from now. These idiots today make the idiots that got barbwire tattoos and tramp stamps look like geniuses.

  8. the winner gets free butt augmentation from dr. oneal ron morris.

  9. Those tattoos are making me wonder how many 90 year old grannies there are going to be one day with tramp stamps on their backs.

  10. whatever

    The young Jenner girls, in less than two years.

  11. This year the Miss Butt Brazil Contest ended in a three-way tie!

  12. Robb7

    Now! you’ve got my attention!

  13. Cock Dr

    Yay for shameless bimbos! Yay!

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