1. dontkillthemessenger

    Ummm, Corey? Sorry, we’ve made a mistake. Russell Simmons already rented her for the weekend. And he pays cash. You pay with signed VHS copies of “The Lost Boys”.

  2. I think he’s been photographed with that same hooker before. He must have a coupon.

  3. More and more like a mini Charlie Sheen.

  4. Poor Corey, I guess they were out of prostitutes under 5 feet tall.

  5. On the one hand he totally wants to be Micheal Jackson, but on the other hand that chick he’s with is clearly legal.

  6. I think we can safely say that Lupus will not be cured anytime soon.

  7. EricLR

    He’s decided to forgo the Michael Jackson look in favor of joining the gang in A Clockwork Orange.

  8. Corey Feldman “getting lucky” is sort of like “winning money” at the ATM machine

  9. cc

    Corey Feldman with a woman who demanded cash up front.

  10. Hey, don’t knock bad stepfathers and uncles. Somebody’s got to create the future generations of whores/sluts/pornstars and and just all around skanks. They’re doing God’s work.

  11. So I’m assuming Lupus is an STD, making this photo perfect.

  12. Umm, how long to I need to stand next to this little boy, and when do I get paid?

  13. does anyone really think she went home with him?

  14. RocketInMyPocket

    Corey Feldman seen here with a prostitute/Emma Roberts look-a-like.

  15. one of his stable, they need a lot of whores at these low rent events.

  16. BB

    “Train dodge…dig it.”

  17. Kate

    A poor man’s Charlie Sheen.

  18. I saw the thumbnail of a generic blonde with a midget and immediately thought ‘Feldman’.

  19. This is the kind of night where discovering you have lupus would indeed be the lucky alternative outcome.

  20. The whore with a golden heart.She’s been with Corey twice before now. All thanks to the Superficial.

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