1. Nobody can ever say this dude doesn’t have balls.

  2. Something, something…balls resting on his chin.

  3. Who just pulls their balls out at a children’s event.

  4. EricLR

    Insert balls joke here

  5. cc

    Well one good thing about this picture the pink volleyball made me think of beach volleyball which made me think of women with great asses picking wedgies.

  6. sad. He is unrecognizable.

  7. That’s not the most balls Rupert has held in a day.

  8. What can you say…the dude enjoys balls on his chin

  9. “You kids keep your fucking butt scratchers off my balls!”

  10. He started out as a rent boy, transitioned to acting, and now this. Balls are kind of a bookend theme here, when you think about it.

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