1. Somebody’s gonna get fucked here.

  2. Is he demonstrating for the crowd the night he contacted the virus?

  3. Smapdi

    Please tell me they are singing “I want it that way”.

  4. Ooh, this must be the Backalley Backstreet Boys.

  5. EricLR

    Any of you middle-aged hotties want to check out my appendectomy scar?

  6. cc

    Who THE FUCK are these guys?!!

  7. The Pope

    “The leg bone’s connected to the, hip bone!”

  8. Your mom called, she wants me to check if you’ve got clean underwear on.

  9. The Backstreet Boys were actually good. I said it.

  10. I don’t think “AIDS Project” means what they think it means.

  11. fred

    Look, kid. I know i look like Anthony Weiner, but put that thing away.

  12. bewbs

    *AOL Voice* “You’ve got Male! Pattern Baldness…”

  13. Considering they were the bigger, better and first of the boy bands, I am surprised they could not get at least one Justin Timberlake out of that group. Even Nick Lachey did better than they did.

  14. Say.. are you all itchy too?

  15. “Your underpants, give them to me !” said the Terminator.

  16. Just so you all know, these two are cousins as well. In real life.

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