1. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t see nipples. This isn’t Sharon Stone.

  2. cc

    She’s too exhausted to speak after wearing that ring all evening.

  3. EricLR

    The voices in my head are like my own special teleprompter.

  4. Your results may vary. Glamor not included.

  5. Grace

    Doing a better job than Madonna at looking like Madonna!

  6. fred

    “I want to thank you all for giving me this prestigious prize. I am humbled to receive the “Greatest Human Being Ever Award.” I’d like to say that I worked really hard for this honor, but when you are naturally wonderful like me, effort is not really necessary. Let’s see-I really don’t have anyone to thank because being this awesome is really a solo effort. So with that . . . What’s that? I’m supposed to give this award to somebody else?”

  7. Cun sumone mve me? I’m shhtuck like deish!

  8. Jenny McCarthy looks great.

  9. Looks good for wearing a dress made of strips of videotape. I guess.

  10. She’s still a beautiful woman. She’s got enough mileage on her to void out her warrantee, but beautiful nonetheless.

  11. Lady Moustache

    Queen of the Damned!

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