1. alex


  2. brick

    Good Lord she looks sexy here.

  3. hoollu

    you’re doing Rick Fox . God dammit smile!

  4. If she is a member of GLADD, then I am a member of SAD.

  5. Mike

    Still looks good, even though she’s dating someone. Mila Kunis, take notes!

  6. EricLR

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen her mouth without Joss Whedon’s dick attached.

  7. so sexy. But how does this relate to George Zimmerman?

  8. jhon

    Still dream about her in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back…..god she is so yummy!!!!

  9. She’s always been drop dead sexy. My beautiful Faith.

  10. I wish that Faith had her own series (alongside Angel) after Buffy bit the dust. I always liked Faith’s version of a Slayer better: it seemed more likely that a Slayer would be isolated and angry, more Faith than Buffy. In fact, it was mentioned or alluded to many times in the series that Buffy’s reaction to being a Slayer (slaying with the Scoobies, and having a father-daughter relationship with her Watcher) was unique in the history of Slayerage.

    Plus the finale of both series should have been a crossover with a duel to the death between Faith and Angel!

  11. Always loved her, always will. So gorgeous.

  12. martina

    super sexy, very underrated

  13. team faith ftw!

  14. Kate

    She messed with her nose too much. She looked fine before!

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