1. dontkillthemessenger

    An regrettable situation caused by Feldman’s diminishing hooker funds and CarrotTop’s insatiable need for a dick in his ass.

  2. He can only afford the tranny ones now.

  3. ruckus

    And that’s how Brooke Shields learned to twerk.

  4. Kathy Griffin looks great!

  5. Shaun White looks horrible in this pic.

  6. Let’s see, so that makes this girl about 5’2″ I’d say.

  7. Wow. That’s going to be a hard one to rent out.

  8. EricLR

    I shudder to think of what kind of human being responds to a “Take Dance Lessons From the Only Living Corey!” ad.

  9. Waiting on the next residuals check looks to be killing his game. He’s down from 2 hot escorts, to one ugly housewife

  10. “I’m telling you! You stick with me and I’ll make you the greatest Lady Gaga impersonator the world has ever seen!!”
    “Please… I just came in here to buy some chinos. Just give me back my child and I won’t tell anyone this ever happened.”

  11. “Oh, please, hide me! There’s papparzzi out there! If I’m photographed without at least two hookers, everyone will realize my career ended 20 years ago!”

  12. Is it just me, or is he trying REALLY hard to look like Michael Jackson now?

  13. Village Idiot

    Which one is Feldman and which one is the transvestite hooker?

  14. “If we’re gonna re-enact this Miley Cyrus twerking thing, I should be wearing the Robin Thicke/Beetlejuice pants…”

  15. I don’t blame her. That trust fall shit is unnerving in even the best conditions.

  16. is that a chick in front of Feldman???

  17. Judging by the haircut, he’s actually trying to be Michael Jackson now.

  18. Ina Bigbush

    It’s like one of those weird dreams you have when you’re really sick. Shaun White in Beetlejuice drag about to be raped by Corey Feldman.

  19. AWOL

    It’s actually even crazier than that. He is the pimp and is pictured with different ones trying to promote “Corey’s Angels” a party(escort) service where for only $250.00 you too can hang out at Corey’s house with aging strippers and porn stars. For $600.00 VIP service, you get a bottle and an “Angel” to go into his personal hot tub.
    The hepatitis is free.
    Delousing is extra.

  20. Why is Corey Feldman giving Clay Aiken twerking lessons?

  21. Bob

    See how fun this is? Now we’re going to do a 180 and put our left foot in and shake it all about.

  22. tito

    he looks like the love child of jack white and macaulay culkin.

  23. ‘Assicus Twerkitus!’

    ‘…Snape! You don’t work at Hogwarts any more. Get back there and fold those t-shirts!’

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