1. Are tyranno-arms a thing now?

  2. To be fair, there WERE reports of bees.

  3. Fat Foot

    Must be promoting a god awful album or something. Or just a big Michael Jackson fan.

    Yawn x2

  4. JC

    Dolphins get caught in fishing nets all the time, and even the ugly ones deserve our sympathy.

  5. Ugh… the whole thing smacks of effort.

  6. Lady Gaga totally did not even see that spider web!

  7. a fly caught in the fly swatter.. what a shitty look

  8. Schweddy Snatch

    Know what would be outrageous and interesting from her? Wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

  9. Ina Bigbush

    Geez I thought that was Beiber.

  10. Is .. is she a zombie? Did someone finally shoot her?

    *gets hopes up*

  11. Not enough veil – we can still see her.

  12. whatever

    she always looks better when we don’t see her face
    the music also sounded a lot better before the clown stepped up and called her ‘little monsters’
    she really doesn’t trust her sound or voice, but must clown around all the time, shame shame shame

  13. mavis davis

    Fishnet over the face is a smart choice for her. She shouldn’t fear even larger sunglasses though, or a hajib.

  14. That thong is pulled up so high she can taste the fabric.

  15. tito

    someone should convince her that wearing a plastic bag over your head (tightly) is a daring fashion statement. problem solved.

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