1. I have a dream…about touching all of your collective breasts at once

  2. Promoting his “Weiner-Wage” agenda?

  3. “Ho—llly shit do you guys smell like fries!”

  4. “Now HOLD ON!
    I didn’t gather your phone numbers JUST so I could sext you all..
    98%.. I swear…

  5. Is he still campaigning? This guys erection has lasted waaay longer than four hours.

  6. ruckus

    Wow, look at those calluses!

  7. “All the women make this face and form a line!”

  8. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! So, what you’re saying is, that putting a weiner in a bun is what you people do for a LIVING?”

  9. and thing, she was all like “I might have aids!”

  10. boof

    Look ma no hands
    *shakes penis back and forth*

  11. “I promise to send each and everyone of you this many dong selfies.”

  12. Cock Dr

    Campaigns take a lot of money. Where on earth is he getting his at this point in the hopeless “elect Weiner for public office” game?

    • Does instagram have a connected PAC?

    • Weiner had already accrued a war chest of $4.3 million in the years prior to his Congressional resignation—money that he had to spend on a campaign by the end of this year or he’d lose access to. His campaign also gets about $1.5 million in matching funds from the NYC Campaign Finance Board if he adheres to set spending limits—which is about $6.4 million. So really, he didn’t have to raise all that much more for this campaign than he already had.

  13. EricLR

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on–I was told there would be women here, not this total sausage fest.

  14. “I once sent a pic of a penis that was this big…”

  15. Ronaldo

    Honk Honk

  16. everytime i run into kim k she goes like this-

  17. Screech for Mayor!

  18. Ina Bigbush

    He’s gonna want his $15.00 damnit! He’s got a kid for pete’s sake.

  19. JK

    And this is how she looked before she discovered she could open it wider for the 15 minutes with the press.

  20. Brit

    “DANGER” is my middle name

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