1. Smapdi

    When did Carrot Top get a sex change operation?

  2. “Look at me, I’m twerking!”
    “That’s not… *sigh, goodnight, Grandpa.”

  3. EricLR

    He’s in the Chateau Marmont’s assisted-living wing, along with the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati.

  4. Mista Snazzy

    Penny: “Hey dumbass, turn the hell around and perform Culingulus the right way, NOW!!”

    Rod: “Uh, I’m old, where am I and why is this insanely powerful woman pushing my head downwards?”

  5. “It’s okay. We’ll be back when he’s not actively stroking out.”

  6. get your old ass in the car already………..

  7. “What… Are you doing?”
    “Sorry, you found my deepthoat switch”

  8. Ina Bigbush

    Hey, Alzheimer’s { or as dumbasses call it “old timers”} doesn’t just affect the patient. It also affects the spouse that’s ready to beat him the fuck up.

  9. John Cocktosen

    And I thought the South Park parodies were over the top.

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