1. How would it be if I stood THIS close?

  2. Mistah Jones! Mistah Jones!

  3. Pilin

    Seems like Mickey Rourke lost weight….

  4. EricLR

    Oh shit, looks like one wiseass is on the express train to getting CAGED!

  5. Thought it was the Diceman.

  6. crb

    Eh, eh, senore dottore dove si crazy, eh?

    Mamma-mia show me da crazy, okay?


    Allora, va-bene la crazy senore, eh?

    No? -Buono, va fa Napoli, eh!?

  7. Jenn

    It’s hot as hell over there WTF are these people trying to do, get heatstroke?

  8. Mimimi

    So now he’s turning into Elvis?

  9. gumbypokey

    He even looks like Howard Wolowitz.

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