1. “Before ‘lunch’, this was a blue dress”….

  2. Your move, Barry…

  3. Bill is obviously down with the “dark skin + little T-Rex arms” chicks.

  4. As one woman desperately looks for an out, RenĂ©e Zellweger moves in…

  5. Cuddles

    “So this is what Thomas Jefferson felt like. That man was a visionary.”

  6. Michael_D

    “Alright alright alright…”

  7. It’s ok! He was the first black president…..

  8. EricLR

    For heaven’s sake, someone get that poor girl a towel!

  9. fat white girl incoming…Bill has a difficult decision to make.

    • Ina Bigbush

      My money’s on the fatty. Bill would rather have huge boobs than the goat teets this gals rocking.

  10. “Why yes I am a pimp, thanks for asking”

  11. Bill, no! Not M’chelle!!

  12. In the foreground of every picture of Bill Clinton, there is a black women who’s eyes say “Of all the days to wear blue…”

  13. “your money’s on the dresser, chocolate.”

  14. Ozzy

    Would any of you ever have sex with Bills boobs?

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