1. Jessica Biehl from 10 years in the future confronts current Jessica to “get that Miley Cyrus shit” off her ipod.

  2. She’s smuggling something under that dress.

  3. A helpful hippie advises Jessica on how to ad a frumpy sweater to avoid having men see her as a de-personalised object of desire instead of as an individual with a complex personality…

  4. Must….not…finger!

  5. carpaltunnel

    Can’t hide an ass that fine.

  6. EricLR

    I’m afraid even witchcraft can’t stop aging forever, sister.

  7. “…and you’re kind of a bitch. That’s why we voted you out of the coven”

  8. The Pope

    “You have big feet.”

  9. Holy nice ass. Even that Saudi Arabian frock can’t hide that.

  10. “You have too much ass and have none. Wanna share?”

  11. asdasda

    she is so submissive, such a people pleaser. justin had to buy.

  12. Robb7

    Yeah, that’s an ass with personality. It pops up to greet you!

  13. Ina Bigbush

    Aw just go ahead and pull it Jess or she’ll never let it go.

  14. whatever

    ”so you want me to get pregnant with justin and give the baby to YOU?” points

  15. “I remember you from Seventh Heaven. Don’t deny it. You were on that show.”

  16. some black dude

    if angels have ass’s I am sure thats how they look. wow

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