1. ruckus

    Why is her body on backwards?

  2. Pickle Nose

    LLoyd Christmas haircut and Taylor Swift pants. Not a good look.

  3. That’s the lower half of Jonah Hill.

  4. When the hips get bigger so should the hair.


  6. jOE

    Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

  7. she looks like a little boy

  8. Ina Bigbush

    “If she’s happy the way she yadda yadda yadda .” Aw hell, who’s kidding who? She looks like shit.

  9. crb


    -B/c someone has clearly pshopped the arms of either Baby Hercules or Grammaw Hercules onto this pic.

    And “May The Fupa be with you; always…”

  10. brian

    I remember her from way back in the Falling (?) video, and how hot she use to be. Now I look at her and just shake my head. I guess they call it “Hollyweird” for a reason…

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