1. That’s your best angle baebe. Now stay there while I whip this out.

  2. Sheppy

    Yeah… still totally would.

  3. Coworkers, do not ask me to get up…

  4. Voice of Reisling

    Is a side effect of boob jobs a lazy eye?

  5. Swingali

    The world first animatronic Real Doll! Now $99.95 at Walmart.

  6. Having volley balls implanted does not turn a mug like that into a 10….

  7. Those tits are almost big enough to distract from that face. Almost… so close, almost…

  8. Here’s a dime. Now go buy a dozen of her.

  9. born in 1992… so quickly on her way to looking like she was born in ’72

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