1. MrG

    I think there must be a mistake in that caption. And if there’s not, I’ll be sobbing in the corner…

  2. Stacy

    Yeah, that is NOT Alecia Keys.

  3. she told the surgeon, “I want them to look so fake, they leave no doubt to the observer”.

    “I take Visa” he replied.

  4. I get the feeling that the final five photos are up for bid, sort of like on Shipping Wars. And today, there just weren’t that many people bidding.

  5. EricLR

    I bet she pays her rent with a big pile of $1 bills.

  6. Why so separate?

  7. Cock Dr

    It’s just a goddamned shame that pretty women feel so insecure about themselves that they mutilate their bodies and call it “enhancement”.

  8. Ina Bigbush

    Her boobs are obviously trying to avoid each other.

  9. The bronzer lines are strong in this one …

  10. whatever

    she has en extra wide ribcage/ misplaced implants, or both
    and that is just not a pretty sight, two squares and a rectangle sink between them

  11. mavis davis

    When all of the rubber bands under that dress pop, freeing the Kardashian thighs, you will see her tits are perfectly placed, and perfectly proportioned.

  12. …she looks like the result of a transporter accident involving snooki and j-wow.

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