1. “And then he touched me there…and there… and then we won an award at Cannes!”

  2. “Brooke, did you know that Deacon Jones used to masturbate onto Barbie dolls?”

  3. No, no, NO! If you take it out of the box, it loses all of it’s val… Oh, wait, sorry, never mind.

  4. Hey Willie:
    Remember when you thought of yourself as a Journalist?
    Looks like you’re aspiring to be Mario Lopez more than Walter Cronkite.

  5. I wonder what show they are on. If only there were some coffee mugs with giant logos all over the set to let us know.

  6. I wish I was still this hot…..

  7. EricLR

    And when your dolly turns 12, you can take her clothes off and put her in a movie with Keith Carradine.

  8. “You say you’ve had this doll for a long time, now?”
    “Oh, yes… I’ve used this little lady for years as a reference for all my drag queen shows. I wonder whatever happened to Brooke Shields?”.

  9. “Wow! This doll is anatomically correct!”

  10. Brooke has always been gorgeous. Especially when she was younger.

  11. Odbarc

    Blue Lagoon action figures!

  12. Robb7

    When did Brooke go tranny??!!

  13. Ina Bigbush

    “Wow. It’s hard to believe I was ever that feminine.”

  14. crb

    Nope. This one’s got no lady-parts either!

  15. crb

    No, not as funky as Lisa Bonet’s crotch.

    -But then, not even Bootsy Collins’ shoe-closet is as funky as that hole.

  16. “This is based on a Calvin Klein jacket and—whoa! Nothing comes between her and her Calvins, either!”

  17. ‘…coming up next on The Today Show, we watch Brooke Shields as she plays with herself.’

  18. some black dude

    Shes still my favorite MILF

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