1. Monsignor Nelson

    Nip slip or not? Vote below.

  2. lily

    Great bikini bod! THIS is what curvy looks like. Slim but shapely.

  3. cc

    I’ll have two cups of Melita, hot.

  4. Little Tongue

    A nightmary face on a dreamy body.

    • Your momma or daddy should have made you quit masturbating before you went totally blind. This is a “nightmary face?”

      [img] Toniolo 4-340_427.jpg[/img]

  5. That is one seriously bangin’ body. It gets me to thinking….. “I wonder who she’s voting for–Obama or Romney?”

  6. lawn

    Let’s see, what’s the best way to phrase this. . .

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  7. This woman is magnificent. And she’s Italian to boot!

  8. Gartholomew

    Let’s play “Name the Object in ‘Dat Gap’”!

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