1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Nice shirt! And it comes with a bottle of Chianti and all the bread you can eat

  2. kimmykimkim

    Fuckin’ gingham. I hate it!

  3. Contusion

    She must be a giant pain in the ass, because is Lou Diamond Phillips can pull that, there’s something wrong.

  4. cc

    The only reason he got his picture taken was he was walking out of a Chick-fil-A.

  5. Emma Watson's Vagina

    wow Al Lewis is not only alive but he dyed his hair black

  6. I had no idea Lou Diamond Phillips was ornamental.

  7. Joe

    Do you wanna know how I got these scars?

  8. EricLr

    Well, turns out his does do it with his horse after all.

  9. catapostrophe

    He looks like Edward James … almost.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    That’s a face only a golddigger could love.

  11. Ever since Longmire I’m cool with him again.

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    Lou Diamond Phillips with his wife, Yvonne Boismier are being asked to leave Mr. Chow:

    “Get out of here with that ugly ass outfit People are eating here and you make them sick!” was the last things they heard.

  13. Lou: “Finally, I think I got it right this time. This marriage is going to last!”

    Yvonne: “Wow, look at the nipples sticking out on that hot mamma!, I’ll bet her pussy tastes like maple syrup!”

  14. tlmck

    Charlie Sheen Jr.

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