1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Purple Heart. And Bar.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. cc

    I just want to know where that skirt ended and her legs began.

  3. Johnny P!

    Now THAT’S the Bar we all know and love!
    That self-pic the other day was harsh…

  4. lily

    She looks much better here…i’m diggin the natural look. very refreshing.

  5. Must. Kill. Shaun. White.

  6. The Brown Streak

    It is her dream that one day her sash will be as big as Worf’s.

  7. Doin’ better than Leo.

  8. Frunken

    Swear this chick is like the one from Seinfeld whose face changes all the time. I want to see her in person – just to know. But fuck running up and asking for an autograph or picture – I want to push a paper onto her face and rub it with a crayon. That’s as real a representation of her as you’re ever going to get.

  9. Happy_Evil_Dude

    My penis just barfed a little. It felt good.

  10. I just hope Atreyu can get past her.

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    “I wonder what the ugly people are thinking right now?”

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