1. DeucePickle

    She’s hot, i love her

  2. kimmykimkim

    Cute skirt! I’ll take it in a different color. And cute girl! I’ll take her, too.

  3. Contusion

    Hello wench.

  4. lily

    Cute, but that top is not right for the skirt

  5. cc

    FFS can’t these people dress themselves?

  6. All I know is this….her clothing would look better on my floor.

  7. Cock Dr

    Dunno about that outfit being red carpet ready, but the girl is cute.

  8. EricLr

    I don’t know who she is, if she has any talent, why someone is taking her picture, or anything else about her–but I do want to buy her expensive jewelry for some reason.

  9. Court

    Modern St Pauli girl?

  10. Batman

    I’d go Party Down on her.

  11. The Brown Streak

    Yes! I AM that tall to ride!

  12. vgrly

    That top would look better with a pair of booty cut off shorts.

  13. “i’ve met Tom Cruise, and he comes up to here on me”.

  14. JR

    I’d snake her pipes.

  15. That does it.! I’m asking her to the prom.

  16. I fucking love everything I’ve ever seen her in. She’s fucking awesome. I definitely would.

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