1. Still lovely however this is not her best pic.

  2. Wow, her tits are overflowing from her bra. Nice

  3. lily

    she is not even remotely cute without all the photoshop. looks matronly and average.

  4. I’d pay her child support.

  5. Sue Rosenorn

    She needs to lay off the hair bleach.

  6. It took me 5 minutes of looking but I finally noticed her face looks different.

  7. kimmykimkim

    Bitch has muffin tit. Go up a cup size, you stupid little girl.

  8. I knew she was smuggling monkeys.

  9. She’s awesome.

  10. D cups of titty in a B cup bag

  11. Biff

    Mmmmmm….I want some.

  12. HollywoodOutsider


  13. Kitty

    She is just the cutest thing EVER… she’s curvy and sexy and natural and beautiful….

  14. cookie

    Wow her boobs are HUGE….oh & maybe she should go up a bra size

  15. Pine Table Fever

    She should lose the moustache.

  16. tito

    she’s british?

  17. mrsmass

    that’s rough.

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