1. Dude STILL looks like a lady.

  2. Her period started

  3. tlmck

    To heck with Tyler. I’ll take the old Washburn behind him.

  4. YAAR

    Starburst makes pants now?

  5. The estate of Doug Henning called. They’d like their pants back.

  6. “and then Christian Bale said if I tried to kiss him again he’d ram his batarang up my ass…”

  7. O'chunt

    Uh,Steven… the keyboard’s not there.

  8. lily

    love him and his rockin roller coaster!

  9. I guess I’d be stuck in the Seventies too if I hadn’t done anything good since then.


  11. rantatonne

    “So i was sitting in my room and did this with my hands. Then this genie popped up in a could of pink smoke and said, ‘I am the genie of the twiddle-dee fingers, I can only grant one wish, in which i bestow upon you the most absurd outfit makeup combo a man has ever donned.’ And then i said bring it on, and now i am here.”

  12. Elyse

    Somebody help that old man. He’s peeing blood!

  13. me

    I’ll never tell……………..ANY OF YOU

  14. donkeylicks

    Steven: hey guys, check it out.. I’m Ray Charles!… get it?
    Joe: This is why we left Steve.
    Steven: It’s because the keyboard is over there!
    Joe: ……

  15. poppymoss

    This exactly what Jennifer Garner will look like in 40 years.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    “We need to get him back on his “meds”.

  17. The face of anyone who ever smelled a fart or heard an Aerosmith song.

  18. If there was a just God, this would not exist.

  19. tito

    those animatronic bands at chuck-e-cheese have always creeped me out.

  20. Wise1ne

    Madame Trousseau is getting sloppy.

  21. bethy

    “I just called to say….I love you. I just called…to say how much I care.”

  22. Janice Dickenson got all drunk and started doing Karaoke?

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