1. Thought it was Megan Fox until I saw her huge chin.

  2. pipedreamer

    That girls got more “jaw” than a Polish phone book.

  3. PtC

    Hayden Panettiere is slumming.

  4. EricLr

    I wonder Bruce Willis, when sitting around on the set of Moonlighting, ever dreamed of a future with a lovely wife, a white picket fence, and a skank daughter who would grow up to dress like a $10 crack whore.

  5. Video Bastard

    I suggest we boycott Photo Boy until he stops posting pictures of this pitiful beast of burden.

  6. HATS! Hats, I tell ya! That’s the answer.

  7. rantatonne

    she needs to invent some sort of chin-wear with horizontal eyes to disguise the sheer length of that thing.

  8. journalschism

    There’s just no fucking hope, is there?

  9. Yaar

    Sand down the chin and she is totally hot

  10. Fifi

    Does this hat make my chin look like big?

  11. Fifi

    Did Ms. Potatohead get a new look?

    • Bobin

      Yeah, and the early 90′s called and they want their shit back, especially the button-fly cutoffs.

      • Bobin

        Who the fuck gave me a thumbs down? I’m not even half as offensive as most on this site, including Fish. If it’s you…you’re dead to me.

      • I like to pretend that it’s the subject of the photo and/or his/her friends thumbing me down personally because they don’t like my acerbic incisive commentary. That way I can still love everyone here and don’t feel judged on. Live in a dream world like me!

      • Bobin

        And I like to pretend there’s more stuff to make fun of rather than mention the same shit over and over. Chin jokes 5Xs!? Sometimes the observation no one else mentions makes it worth scrolling all the way down.

  12. You know, if Heidi Montag could do it…. and she was only a reality “star”

  13. As a public service, she should be required to wear all hats like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. (Let’s face it, there’s no way anything is covering her whole head plus that chin.)

  14. This is the closest to “cute” I’ve ever seen her. She really does have a banging bod.

  15. Later

    Giggity Giggity Goo!…. aaaalright!

  16. JT

    Shave that chin down and I think we have something

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