1. I totally support gay marriage if they are this hot.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Looks better as a blonde.

  3. “Amber! Amber! Did Johnny Depp make you see a dentist before sleeping with you???”

  4. Video Bastard

    Anyone know a voodoo priest? I need her to be straight.

  5. Mike

    Even if she looks like Vivica Fox a little, she’s still a rock-solid babe.

  6. Another one I would call perfect. She’s just captivating.

  7. Yaar

    I guess she “Heard” I wanted to fuck her.

  8. sitsdeep

    Hah, she blew Johnny boy off fast didn’t she? …As in she got rid of him, not the blow thing, but, that might have been quick too.

  9. Pattinson's NEW honey

    keep her from Skarsgaard :*(

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