1. JC

    You’d think she’d be used to being put in a car seat by now.

  2. Constipation’s a bitch.

  3. Pickle Nose

    The roller coaster got stopped midway through and they were stuck on it. To make matters worse, eating all that scungilli had a disastrous effect of J-Woww’s bowels. Her flatuelence was so offensive that Snooki could literally taste it every time she passed gas.

  4. EricLR

    Ironically, that’s the exact same look I had on my face when I tried to watch Jersey Shore.

  5. You know we are all secretly hoping the harness would come loose and she would be ejected.

  6. “Meanwhile, aboard the Enemator 5000…”

  7. I thought this was gym equipment at first, and was wholly unfazed by the idea that she would make this face whilst using it.

  8. “You mean that baby stays with me till it grows all the way UP?

  9. In a pinch they take her to the top and use her new teeth to guide ships in during bad weather.

  10. Please stop…That’s not a toilet.

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